Enrollment Procedure:

Complete and return the “application for enrolment” form (found on our website or available via email)

Contact: 0846603251

E-mail: info@littlelightbulbs.co.za

Website: Little Light Bulbs

Admission Procedure:

Before you child can commence at LITTLE LIGHT BULBS the following documentation must be in order:

  • Completed and signed enrolment documentation
  • Signed copy of Acceptance of terms and conditions of 2015 fee payment period
  • Signed copy of school policies & procedure document
  • Copy of road to health card (certified)
  • Copy of parents ID documents (certified)
  • Copy of medical aid cards (certified)
  • Copy of child's birth certificate (certified)
  • Signed indemnity form
  • Please include any prior school reports or therapist assessments if necessary

Note: Your child's commencement date will be confirmed (billing will either be pro-rata or as of the 1st of the new month).


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