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LITTLE LIGHT BULBS is a preschool with a specialized cognitive program for young children. The program’s purpose is to accelerate your child’s development, achieve school readiness and increase his or her IQ. A balanced and holistic approach is taken to the development of your child’s cognitive, perceptual, social, emotional and physical domains.

There are numerous benefits to this program. Your child will not only learn what is success, but will learn how to succeed – there is a big difference! Intrinsic motivation and self-discipline are qualities that will naturally be instilled in your child as the year progresses. The development and exercise of your child’s cognitive functions is addressed in a logical, systematic way through natural activities like exploration and experimentation in the form of play. Your child will learn generalizable thinking processes thereby broadening his or her understanding.

If you want the best for your child then LITTLE LIGHT BULBS is it.

The four pillars of Little Light Bulbs are:

Thinking skills

The process by which a learner obtains an answer is more important than the answer itself.

Learn through play

Play is the most important device through which young children learn about and explore their world.

Mediational teaching style

Is intentional, transcendent, communicates meaning and purpose, mediates a feeling of competence, regulates children’s behaviour and shares participation.

Contending for the hearts of children

Is the key to their behaviour. Children can detect and recognize motives.

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